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Sound Design Demo Reels for Films and Games

Cry Havoc (2020) Sound Editing, Score and Design Demo
Once Upon A Time In Deadwood (2019)
Sound editing demo
Playing With Dolls: Havoc (2017) Sound Editing and Design Demo
Unreleased Feature (2017) Dialogue,Sound Editing, and Music Demo
The Wishing Forest (2018) Sound Editing, Design and Music Demo
The Dead and the Damned 3 (2018) Sound Editing and Design Demo
Reunion (2018) Dialogue and Sound Editing
Playing With Dolls: Havoc (2017) Dialogue and Sound Editing Demo-Before and after
All Sounds and Music by Guthrie Lowe
Video footage from Elder Scrolls V
From Hell To The Wild West (2017) Dialogue Editing Demo-Before and after
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