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Guthrie has had a connection with music, whether by bands or by film and video games for as long as he can remember.  He began playing guitar at 14 and by 16 was in a band and playing shows. By his early twenties, Guthrie's songwriting had taken on a unique character featuring overlayed melodies, exploration of psychoacoustic overtones, and a desire to explore complex musical structures. 
Twenty years ago, he began an intense study of classical music styles and forms which led to his first forays into film scoring in 2005.  
Fifteen years later, he is honored to have worked with many remarkable independent directors and content creators from around the world. A huge film fan and an avid gamer, he thoroughly enjoys the lasting relationships formed through the communicative bond of music and passion projects of every imaginable shape and size.  
Guthrie currently resides in Los Angeles and, when not composing, enjoys  horror events, gaming, beer and barbecues.
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